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Folyamatos EKG mérés
I'm over 40
but beyond my youth, I want to live my life in the best possible health!

Above a certain age, regular medical check-ups are already needed for a safe everyday life. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend hours walking to the doctor's office and waiting to be queued up! Do I have another option?!

I'm an athlete

but it is important to know my health, improve my performance and shape timing! ​


I don’t want to go to labs and surveys, it would be best to test myself during training. I want to get the most out of myself! Is there a good way to do this ?!

My findings are bad
but despite my diagnosis, I want to feel good and long for a peaceful life!

My blood pressure is high. I'm struggling with diabetes. I would need regular ECG measurements. Are the control measurements and their 24-hour monitoring already conveniently available from my home ?!


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Take care of your health at home

and live your life in a better quality!

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what measurements you may need
Start taking measurements and our doctors will keep taking care of you

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