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The COVID package can be useful for everyone


Protect yourself and your family! Take the opportunity! Take advantage of our unique service!

How can we check that we are completely healed?

Just as the appearance of the virus can be inferred from changes in blood oxygen levels measured during the disease phase, a trend change can be recognized in the recovery phase following asymptomatic disease, which shows an improving trend. This indicates the process of healing. If the values ​​reach the pre-disease level then we can talk about complete recovery. It is especially important for athletes to return to active exercise after a missed workout period, only after full recovery. Achieving sustained, adequate blood oxygen levels is essential and important.

Sports medicine tests should only be performed after this, thus reducing the risk of complications after the disease!

Studies in athletes, even those who have been asymptomatic, show that there is an increased risk of developing heart complications due to premature exercise.

How can we recognize the disease if we have no symptoms?

Both domestic and international research confirms that the disease occurs almost asymptomatically in most people, yet it is possible to detect it at an early stage by examining certain physiological changes. One of the measurable features of onset upper respiratory disease is a decrease in blood oxygen levels as a result of insufficient breathing. Regular monitoring of blood oxygen levels and analysis of trend changes in the measured data provide an opportunity to detect such diseases as soon as possible. Given that the corona virus also fundamentally attacks the upper respiratory tract, this method can be an effective aid in deciding when a test should be performed. The result of the analysis of the blood oxygen level of the Private Doctor system provides useful information not only for the patient concerned but also for the family doctor. With this service, it is possible to detect a possible disease as soon as possible, thereby preventing further infection and reducing the risk!

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