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Otthoni, sportorvos EKG mérés

The PrivátDoktor BELT is one of the world's first ECG monitors to be used as a belt, designed to provide continuous, high-quality medical data so that the patient wearing the belt can live their normal lifestyle, even if you are an athlete doing regular training. Our ECG solution is especially recommended for two target groups. One includes those who have inherited health risks: are more at risk than usual for heart disease or stroke for genetic reasons, or are diagnosed with high blood pressure or cholesterol, or may be diabetic or overweight. Based on the data measured with the ECG belt, a more accurate diagnosis can be made, continuous monitoring and thus the use of the most appropriate medication and treatment can be ensured. All this in such a way that the measured values ​​are not distorted by the “white coat syndrome”.

The other group includes athletes for whom it is particularly important that ECG measurements be taken during sports. It is no accident that the practice of exercise ECG testing is common among them. However, while this is rarely possible, our solution provides “permanent” control.

With its help, possible changes can be discovered in time, which can be dangerous, and we can get a comprehensive picture and guidance on the development of the athlete's performance.

Try our unique ECG solution yourself!

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