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Convenient control for the safe everyday life

We take care of you

PrivátDoktor vérnyomásmérő

In case of diagnosed blood pressure or blood gucose problems, possibly heart disease, regular monitoring, measurement and recording of relevant values ​​will help you to use the best treatment and medications. Our service will alert you if you have forgotten to take the next measurement, but we will also send you a reminder about regular medication if required.


The results of the measurements you take in the comfort of your own home are automatically recorded in our central database, so based on the history of your personal values, our doctors monitor your health 24 hours a day. At your decision, these values ​​are also available to your family or treating physician, ensuring that the most appropriate treatment is selected. If necessary, medication dosing can be arranged, and electronic prescription can be initiated.


Our goal is to make you feel calm and safe despite your illness, and all as comfortably as possible.

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