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Use your own Smart devices

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With the development of science, technology and informatics - in addition to the previous traditional methods and among medical devices - new and more reliable diagnostic devices are appearing day by day in the field of health monitoring in the field of health preservation and even disease prevention.

Among other things, in the form of smart watches, bracelets, rings, telephones, that is in the form of “smart gadgets”. Many people are already making use of these devices on their own initiative or on the recommendation of their doctor. In designing our PrivátDoktor service, we have taken into account that there are users who are keeping up with innovation and have a “smart” device with which they can and want to control their physical condition.

That's why we've prepared our system to use any "smart gadget" that can be paired with iPhone Health or Android FitKit. In our PrivátDoktor mobile application, it is possible to integrate the above-mentioned health applications, so that the data measured or recorded on the user's own "smart" device can be entered into our central database.


The wider range of data available in this way provides a more complete picture of the user's condition and can be shared with the family doctor or treating physician in addition to the data measured with the PrivátDoktor service.

Most "smart" devices can be integrated into the PrivátDoktor application!

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