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Features of the Private Doctor ECG belt


Continuous wireless ECG measurement for up to 24 hours.


Carrying out the measurements is not tied to place or time, we can take it with us anywhere and wear it at any time.


Dry-contact measurement, no shaving or contact gel required.


Made of perfectly irritation-free materials, long term wearing is no problem.


The possibility of measurement during normal activity, or even extreme sports - no need to catch, touch, etc. It is able to detect whether the person, performing the measurement is at rest or in motion at the time of measurement.


It is able to measure heart rate and body temperature.


It can also measure and store measurement data in offline mode. The measurement data can be uploaded via a BLE (Bluetooth) connection using a Mobile Phone application or a special hardware.


If you are uploading with a mobile phone and the GPS function is enabled, the coordinates will also be uploaded.


A mechanism that works in a native way (based on the original Einthowen methodology), based on non-derived, calculated data and procedures.


Drip-proof, removing the electronics, the belt is washable.


For patients with a pacemaker, it helps identify a malfunctioning pacemaker, the correction of which results in an asymptomatic, better quality of life. For athletes, a well-tuned device can provide full sports performance.

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