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Continuous monitoring for everyday life

PrivátDoktor online orvos

The Team

Our doctors monitor the patients on a 24-hour basis

The Team

Dr. Kovács Katalin

Dr. Katalin Kovács

General Practitioner - Internal Medicine

We created this service, because we believe that we can use constantly evolving technologies and IT solutions to protect our lives and preserve our health.

Our goal is to bring the most modern medical devices, the most frequently needed examinations, to the homes and thus enable stress-free, multiple daily or even continuous measurements, the results of which are indispensable conditions for making correct and timely medical diagnoses.

Our PrivateDoctor service is a turning point compared to the traditional doctor-patient relationship, as our system works in such a way that it is not you who need to see a doctor, but our doctor who will contact you in the necessary situations. If you choose us, you will have nothing else to do besides taking the measurements. The measured data do not need to be recorded, memorized, they are transmitted automatically or manually according to your decision to the central database and evaluated immediately under 24-hour medical supervision. Based on the analyzes, we'll call you, and you can consult with our doctors if necessary. The data is also available at any time to you and your authorized doctors and relatives.

Choose us and we will help you live your daily life in peace and security, knowing that you have your own Private Doctor, who will take care of you and warns you before anything goes wrong!

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