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For athletes and those who want to get in shape

Get ready with us

terheléses EKG mérés

Do Not lose anyone while playing sports any more, filter out if someone has any illness or disorder! With the help of our solution, we complete the sports medicine examination so that we can prevent all problems if possible!

Private Doctor is the best choice even if you just want to know what physical condition you are in! We have developed the ECG that can be worn during training, which helps to determine your physical fitness during continuous data collection!

In addition to the ECG, the belt also monitors your heart rate and temperature. Put on your belt and pair it with your phone. Also use your blood pressure and blood glucose meter to complete the picture!

The devices collect your data online and upload it so that you, your coach or your doctor can analyze it afterwards.

Use our analytics package, that helps you to assess where you are and even supports form timing optimization!

Ask for a personal consultation!

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