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Weight Measurement

Fogyás hízás testzsír

Measuring body mass composition is now possible at home. All you have to do is step on a piece of equipment that looks like an ordinary scale and take the measurement.

As a result of the measurement, in addition to our weight, we can also find out our muscle mass, the proportion of fat in the body and the amount of visceral fat, ie the fat surrounding the internal organs. In addition, the system determines the BMI index, as well as the age status of the body based on the measured data.

Luckily, this calculated data indicates the same or younger body condition as reality, otherwise it is worth taking the signal seriously.


The measured data is automatically uploaded to the PrivátDoktor server, where continuous changes can be tracked, but our doctors can use this to monitor changes in the condition of patients.


We know how much risk of being overweight, but sudden weight gain or loss can also indicate the appearance of certain diseases.

Prolonged low or overweight

mostly refers to the presence of other diseases!

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