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Blood Sugar Measurement

PrivátDoktor orvosi felügyelet nemcsak cukorbetegeknek

The blood glucose meter, made of blood glucose meter and test strip are suitable for self-monitoring and professional use.


It allows diabetic patients to monitor their blood glucose levels on their own on a regular basis. If the blood glucose meter is used with the Accu-Check test strip, the measured data will be automatically uploaded to the central database of PrivátDoktor so that our doctors can follow it.

If you wish, you can share the measured data with your attendant doctor, so he or she can check it remotely and can consult you. If required, the system will send you a warning to make sure you do not forget to take your medicine or insulin.


Moreover, the measured values ​​shared with your doctor allow your doctor to initiate a prescription for the required medication.


The device can only be used outside the body, it cannot be used to rule out diabetes or diagnose it, but it is excellent for continuous monitoring in consultation with your doctor.

You no longer need to keep a log, we take care of the data!

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