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Measurement of blood pressure

Vérnyomásmérés 24 órás távfelügyelettel

All you have to do is measure your blood pressure regularly, as usual. The device we offer is based on the traditional procedure, which is also the most supported by doctors.

The device detects the success of the measurement and automatically uploads the measurement result to the PrivátDoktor system. If you do not use a smartphone, in addition to the blood pressure monitor, we provide the data transmission device that performs the tasks related to the submission to the central database on your behalf.

This means that you do not have to manually start any process or press any button. If you use a smartphone, the results of the measurements can be uploaded from anywhere and anytime, or from home at the end of the day, using your mobile phone. The data sent to the center will be analyzed out of turn and if their characteristics deviate from the usual values, they will also be checked by our doctors. We evaluate data in a personalized way, monitor the changes and contact you if necessary!

All this 24 hours a day! The measurement results can be easily shared with your family doctor or treating physician based on your prior authorization, who can check your health even remotely and you can consult with each other if necessary.

Late-recognized blood pressure problem can be a source of countless other diseases !!

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