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Blood oxygen level measurement

Véroxigén mérő

One of the measurable features of onset upper respiratory disease is a decrease in blood oxygen levels as a result of insufficient breathing. Regular monitoring of blood oxygen levels and analysis of trend changes in the measured data provide an opportunity to detect such diseases as soon as possible. Given that viruses often attack the upper respiratory tract, this method can be an effective aid in detecting an onset disease.

The result of the analysis of the blood oxygen level of the PrivátDoktor system provides useful information not only for the affected patient but also for the family-, treatment doctor. In the case of athletes, this physiological value is especially important, which together with the pulse wave data helps to get an accurate picture of the athlete's physical condition and expected performance.


With this service, it is possible to detect a possible disease as soon as possible and to perform further examinations in time.

Blood oxygen levels and their changes are predictors of numerous diseases!

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