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PrivátDoktor vércukor mérés
PrivátDoktor EKG
PrivátDoktor pulseoxy
PrivátDoktor mérleg

The essence of our PrivátDoktor service:

  • You decide which values you want to check continuously, and then you

  • take the measurements on the devices we provide (or the same ones you get) - at home or wherever you are -

  • the results of which are immediately and automatically sent to our center,

  • where they are monitored under medical supervision. They are evaluated 24 hours a day. 

This means that any results considered risky will also be checked by doctors. The range in which your measurement results can be considered acceptable and the values ​​at which they stand out is determined not only on the basis of generally accepted standards, but also on the basis of trends and analyzes established from your measurement results, defined individually.


In case of critical measurement results, it is possible to have an automatic alarm, based on the persons you specify and the order of notification, (eg you, your relative, family doctor, treating phisitian). In addition to the alarm, if you require it, there is the possibility of additional medical supervision activities depending on the measurement results, e.g. consultations, proposal for further examinations.


IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW that you do not need a smart phone and any skills in the world of smart devices!


Smartphone and "smart-gadget" lovers attention! Android and iOS devices and solutions can also be connected to the PrivátDoktor!

PrivátDoktor egészség app
PrivátDoktor előfizetés

Buy or Rent the devices needed for the measurements! Take them home and Measure it at Home, comfortably!

Do you already have the same device? Use it and use our service!


Don't have a smartphone or just can't live without it? PrivátDoktor offers a personalized solution for everyone!

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